Epara is a luxury skincare brand that harnesses nature to create bespoke products for women of colour. Each product has been handcrafted using organic African ingredients and botanical actives to rejuvenate face and body, leaving skin feeling soft, youthful and nurtured.

Launched exclusively into Harrods in April 2017, Epara is a collection of unique skincare products containing precious botanicals, essential oils and plant extracts within its advanced scientific formu- las that cater to the underserved needs of women of colour.

Each product in the range has been developed to have healing and antioxidant properties using clin- ically proven active natural ingredients to tackle concerns such as dryness and hyperpigmentation. Clinical trials show proven reduction in uneven skin tone and scarring and a brighter complexion in as little as two weeks.

Epara means to cocoon oneself in the Nigerian di- alect of Ebira. Founded by former strategy advisor, Oxford graduate and entrepreneur, Ozohu Adoh, it is a range born out of a personal journey. Having suffered with severe skin sensitivity, uneven skin tone and hyper-pigmentation, Ozohu had long searched for authentic products to treat her concerns. In 2014, when no products or treatments worked — and no existing brand that spoke to her as a woman of col- our — she decided to develop her own.

After researching organic ingredients from the rich soils of Africa, Ozohu started with simple, trusted sources. She looked to Mother Nature for what was best suited to African skins, and in doing so support- ed local communities and fair trade practices.

In 2015, Ozohu began working with a UK lab to super-charge these bio-available ingredients, such as moringa oil, marula oil and shea butter, with advanced scientific formulations and Epara was born. The range is between 95%–100% natural throughout and is free from synthetics, mineral oils and harsh chemicals.

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